Mero fishing technique with live

Fishing a Grouper in our area is becoming more difficult because the conditions have changed a lot these last times. They are scarce, they have become more distrustful, and between submarine fishing and long lines, the ones who for me are the kings of our waters, Their nobility, they feared no intruder in their territory, nor for their strength impossible to get out of their cave when they were sunken! But their curiosity and their appetite often confuse them as long as the fisherman learns to know their customs and weaknesses. To the question of the friend Miguel Angel I want to clarify certain concepts about the fishing of the grouper with vivo.Pescar grouper is not an easy task! I advise live squid or sepia, vaquitas or serranos alive. Carbon nipples, thread of fluorocarbon and always very flush Of the bottom! To attack they need to pass the bait or decoy before the nose! And when swallowed … accelerate to take them off the bottom and away from their tana … but the one that is This is the picture of my friend Jaime, who has taken this 21-kilo grouper with a live squid … in kayak! From here, my congratulations to an exemplary fisherman! Which almost kayaked him last week in Moraira! Impressive capture!

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