3 types of life jackets to keep on your boat

Having a life jacket at hand is of vital importance, not only for the search for stability in the water, but for the safety of life itself.  If you are looking for the perfect vest for your nautical experience, barcos.online has the solution for you.

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Life jackets, objects with which we allow our body to stay on the surface and with the head out of the water. Its timely use, we avoid more than one headache. Whether you are looking for adult life jackets or children’s life jackets, you can find them on boats.online. 

Oscar lifejacket for dogs and cats 

The fact that our pets also have vests to swim, is more than assertive, timely concern for the safety of each and every member of the family, is unavoidable.

The Oscar life jacket for dogs and cats turns out to be the complementary accessory that we need. 

With a refined system of protection and handling, with handles that adapt to the body of our pet, comfortable and resistant texture this model is in itself an excellent vest for swimming aimed at our loyal companions. 

Martinique Lifejacket 80/90 KG 150N 

Model that includes whistle, for the opportune warning, with system of adjustment to the waist, protection of neck and head, in versatile and resistant material, ideal for any activity inside the water.

Sport life jackets

Accessory that keeps us safe, as it allows our body to stay or emerge to the surface of the water, specially designed for use in water sports or activities, by ensuring our safety and mobility.

Rodeo 70 Newtons 40-60 KG Lifejacket 

Nautical vest with guaranteed buoyancy, ideal for extreme sports.

 With double security system, which allows greater mobility and comfort, with design in black and orange, casual and easy to use. Although it can function as a water ski vest, it is more recommended for Kitesurfing.

Lifejacket Kitesurf 40 – 60 KG 

Exemplar of nautical vest, with buoyancy of 70 Nw, with guaranteed quality, for greater mobility and protection.

 With anatomical design in black and king blue, accessory that will undoubtedly allow us to have an extreme experience, based on safety, serves both as a water ski vest and for Kitesurf vest

Inflatable life jackets

Object that allows while keeping our head above the water, is also easy to handle, mobile and stored, does not take up much space and can be carried easily, while still being effective in keeping our body on the surface. 

Lifejacket Pilot 275 Newtons 

An example of an inflatable lifejacket that allows free mobility in the water, with double safety straps and a resistant material.

With an adjustable system ranging from size S to size XL, i.e. it could perfectly serve as a lifeguard for children, with an original and comfortable design.

Skipper Vest 150N-40KG Hello Kitty Ro 

Model inflatable lifejacket, which ensures the safety of the youngest, being a children’s lifejacket, is intelligently configured for protection and fun.

With a design in Hello Kitty white finish, it offers manual air system, with two safety ends, easy handling and high durability. 

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